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"Multicultural Coexistence Promotion Itabashi Ambassador" project started

  • International Exchange

From this year, we will start the "Multicultural Coexistence Promotion Itabashi Ambassador" project with the aim of having foreigners living in the city discover the charm of Itabashi and disseminating and disseminating it to other foreign residents. bottom.
Mr. Wu Jianzhong (China), who lives in Itabashi Ward and has been cooperating with the foundation's projects for many years, was appointed as the first memorable ambassador. Mr. Kure will tell you about the spot sale event of "Itabashi no Ippin" held at MUJI Itabashi Minamicho 1 from July 7th (Friday) to July 28th (Sunday).

(Mr. Wu) “‘Itabashi no Ippin’ is a food representative of Itabashi Ward, which was first recognized in 15 and was chosen by the residents. There are a total of 8 stores such as shops, and I was able to enjoy a lot of gourmet food.I have lived in Itabashi for about 30 years, but I found out that there are still many stores that I have not visited. From now on, I would like to carry out activities to let many foreigners know about the delicious food and sightseeing spots unique to Itabashi.”

Please visit “Itabashi no Ippin” by all means.


Ippin of Itabashi

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