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《NEW!! 》Future response to the former Unification Church group in facility rental

  • Cultural Center
  • Green Hall

Thank you very much for using Itabashi Ward Cultural Center Green Hall.

When accepting applications for use, the museum may not approve applications that are suspected of being "malicious business practices" or "malicious solicitations."In addition, even after approval of use, use may be canceled, suspended, or restricted if there is a suspicion of "malicious business" or "malicious solicitation".In response to the issue of the former Unification Church, the museum will actively work to prevent damage by cooperating with specialized organizations such as the Ward Consumer Center and the Hot Terrace Response Dial.
* Malicious business practices: Simple jars, seals, ornaments, etc. have supernatural spiritual powers, such as "This pot has the power to remove evil spirits" or "Use this seal to bring good luck." For example, there are psychic sales methods that make people think that words are clever and sell them at unfairly high prices.
*Malicious solicitation: Emerging religious groups hide their identity and the purpose of solicitation, soliciting them under the pretense of guiding them to volunteer activities, seminars, study groups, etc., or controlling their minds to make normal judgments. It refers to the act of soliciting a person who has lost
If you are a victim of "malicious business practices" or "malicious solicitation", or if you see yourself being victimized, please notify the reception and consult with the contact below.
 〇 Itabashi Ward Consumer Center XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX
 〇Houterasu psychic marketing, etc. correspondence dial XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX

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