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[Food event by Japanese professional chef] was held.

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[Food event by Japanese professional chef] was held on May 5th (Tuesday) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.Mr. Koyama, the owner of cafe arica, who runs a restaurant in Itabashi Ward, who was involved in the holding of this event, sent us a report on the day's event.

<Food event by Japanese professional chef>
Event date: May 2023, 5 (Tuesday) 30:20-22:XNUMX
Venue: Ulaanbaatar City District 13 Bayanzurkh Market
Organizer: Mind Food Studio
Number of participants: about 130 people

the article isMongolian Food Event Participation Report.


<Background of exchange between Itabashi Ward and Mongolia>

The exchange began in 1992, when a newspaper reported that there was a serious shortage of paper in Mongolia at the time.After that, we had various exchanges,In October 1996, the then Mongolian Ministry of Education (now the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Culture) and Itabashi Ward signed a "Cultural and Educational Exchange Agreement."The foundation provided scholarships equivalent to annual tuition fees for students studying Japanese at the Mongolian University for the Humanities (10-1996), and junior high school volunteers in Itabashi Ward recycled abandoned bicycles and sent them to Ulaanbaatar, etc. We have exchanged programs such as donation projects every year (2012-1999), Mongolian fairs, and tours for residents.

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